Artist Statement

My work focuses on the unique beauty and sensuality of seclusion plus the search for a sense of purpose and place … sometimes aggressive and disturbing, other times finding proximity and intimacy, yet often discovering the tranquility in separation and detachment.

Having never formally studied art, I attempt not to over-complicate my process. I shoot 35mm film and transparencies, then scan and print the images with minimal alteration. All work is untitled, undated and is often non-location-specific as I want to allow people to interact with the images in their own space with no preconceived notions as to what it is they are seeing.


Born and raised in Australia, I came to photography as a means of conveying my isolation while traveling, using the camera to articulate the overwhelming sense of loneliness encountered. Since settling in New York, I have further explored the idea of solitude - by looking at the way we view and interact with other animals, our environment and each other - through on-going projects, collaborations and exhibitions.